Ayurvedic treatment of corona virus

Ayurvedic treatment of corona virus

 Does the coronavirus cure in Ayurveda?

Yes, there is Ayurvedic treatment of CoronavirusCoronavirus. Do you know that to date, there are no medicines made in allopathy, which can eliminate any disease from the root? Still, whatever medicines are ayurvedic, they are going to eradicate every disease from the heart. Occur.

When we take all the allopathic, medicines, They simply work to suppress the disease0, so we should not contain the virus, but eliminate it from the root, that is why we will tell you some of the home remedies mentioned in Ayurveda so that you can Corona Can stop the virus from coming to you and eliminate it from the root.

With this recipe, will Corona’s father also not come to you? So let’s know how to treat the CoronavirusCoronavirus with Ayurveda.

How to make medicine (home remedy)

Ayurvedic treatment of corona virus
Ayurvedic treatment of CoronavirusCoronavirus

For this, you do not have to worry much, and you just need three things that you will get quickly at your home.

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Ginger

The juice of these three things is enough to eliminate all types of viruses, and you can also use garlic juice only if you want. You can drink this juice mixed with honey, water, and milk in anyone.

If you want to take it with water, then boil the water first and then keep it at a temperature of 15 degrees by mixing one teaspoon of juice, and if you want to drink with milk, take it only with cow’s milk. Garlic kills any type of germ in the same way as fire kites.

You can also chew any of these things by putting them in your mouth while going out, all kinds of germs will be kept away from the smell of it. To avoid CoronavirusCoronavirus, eat garlic, ginger, and onion as raw as possible.

The eradicate old age, to eliminate the disease from root, to make a dull body fit, there are no other medicines than these three things.

Are you having a Coronavirus?

You might know that the outbreak of the Coronavirus has started from China, but it is not the fault of China, it is our food’s fault. When we eat the wrong things for taste, our body gets affected by many types of germs, and our immunity decreases.

If you take the proper amount of garlic, onion, and ginger, then it increases your immunity.

Features of garlic, ginger, and onion

Ayurvedic treatment of corona virus
Ayurvedic treatment of CoronavirusCoronavirus

Take germinated water in a glass and mix it with some garlic juice and keep it covered, after some time this water will also be cleaned with RO water. These are the qualities of garlic that it does not let any germ live.

If these three juices are mixed, then they work as a honey cake.

Along with this, these juices also protect you from many other diseases such as arthritis, health problems, kidneys, heart problems, all types of skin problems, and even cancer-like conditions. Will stay away

Worth noting

If you drink these juices mixed with water, then take care that the water is of 15-degree temperature and drink it slowly like a tea, because we do not remove the glass of water once it is finished by putting it on the mouth. We invite diseases.

If you drink water slowly, half of your conditions will be cured in this way, because most diseases spread due to rain.

If you are following this recipe, then be sure to avoid some things so that you get the full benefit.


  • Do not eat cold things
  • Do not eat eggs, meat, etc.
  • Eat whatever you eat, including the skin (can remove the hard peel.)
  • Do not eat fried things
  • Do not use sugar

So keep in mind that along with eating simple food and eating these three things, garlic, ginger, and onion juice, you will never get sick by adopting this recipe, no matter how big epidemics fail.

So this was the Ayurvedic treatment of Coronavirus, we are sure that you will like this information, thank you.

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